Fake Slots – How to Avoid Trapping?

Fake Slots – How to Avoid Trapping?

Even if it seems to you that the problem with fake slots is 100% solved, you should know that there are still some games that have escaped, but it is quite easy to locate them if you know what to look for. Experienced players can immediately tell if a slot is fake, noticing changes in graphics, sounds, payouts . However, for the inexperienced, these minor changes will go unnoticed.

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There is a choice, which, if you do, you will have the full certainty that you are playing online gambling Malaysia at the verified pecans, which pay correctly – choose only licensed casinos. To date, none of the accredited casinos has ever been caught using pirated software and this is unlikely to ever happen. The obvious solution to detecting a fake game is to examine the casino. Read reviews, search forums and blogs, check the operator’s website for legal licenses. But the real problem is not casinos, but casino software. In the modern world of iGaming there are dozens of software companies that provide casino games but also complete online casino solutions. Slot machines are the most threatened to be defrauded and this is exactly what we will focus on here.


The easiest and simplest way to see if a slot machine is fake is to be able to make a comparison. Search the net for a free demo version of the game and make a few spins. After that, look for that slot best online casino Malaysia on the official website of the provider . The games must be identical. No difference can be accepted. Put the 2 games next to each other in 2 browser windows and look for the differences. If they exist, it means that you have found a fake demo game on the net.

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